A Very Janky Christmas Spectacular 

Our fourth annual Adult Variety show returns! This year with John C Reilly ("Janksy") as our host, Kristen "Christmas" Toedtman as Music Director and it wouldn't be Janky without Pink Santa ("Michael Dunn") in our midst. Your attendance helps us save Christmas. UPDATE: Our 3 shows SOLD OUT so we've added a fourth show Friday night at 9:30. 300+ Angelenos can't be wrong!

Giving Thanks 

It's my favorite holiday - giving thanks for all I have around me. Just back from a beautiful trip to see family in Buenos Aires (see recent pictures in Instagram feed), getting ready to break bread with my Friend Family in Los Angeles (FRIENDS-GIVING!) and then hit the ground running to prepare the music for the house band for this year's 4th Annual Very Janky Christmas Spectacular! Kristmas Toedtman and the Mistle-Tones. Stay tuned for more information and if you're in town DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW.

Back in Los Angeles 

I had a great time opening up for David Poe in New York City and Baltimore last week. In fact, I put a choir together both in NYC and Baltimore and am full of excitement like one has at the beginning of a long and beautiful journey. My journey has a choir singing. You can see photos of the Baltimore show on the PHOTOS page. Anyone take pictures in New York? (I saw you, I know you did!) Please share them! Be sure to check out David's new record and don't miss him when he comes through your town!