Master Class

What is a Master Class? 

A Master Class with Kristen can be for individual or group performers. Individuals or ensembles perform a selection for Ms. Toedtman and other participants*, after which feedback and active guidance are provided to bring out the best from each performer. Kristen brings her enthusiasm for every aspect of singing music and her discerning ear to inspire participants in their approach to their piece of music with tools they can apply to many other pieces. 

Each Master Class is different, as Ms. Toedtman engages with each unique performer with care and unique attention. Her Master Classes are challenging, thought-provoking and fun! 

*You may want to hold a Master Class that is open to the public. As we see by the popularity of the current television shows devoted to singing, our society loves to see the workings behind making a singer shine. Kristen always cultivates a supportive and non-competitive environment. 

Kristen is a very gifted teacher and choral director, whose musical expertise guides her singers lovingly, patiently, yet effectively. Her presence is of the utmost positivity, and she is adept at finding a variety of creative ways to reach singers of all levels. ”

— Andrea Odinov Fuller, voice, speech & dialect instructor, Loyola Marymount University & The Lee Strasberg Institute

About Kristen

Throughout her performing career, Kristen has been sought after for teaching private lessons, conducting ensembles and adjudicating vocal competitions. Most recently, Kristen served as Music Director of St. Michael & All Angels in Studio City, California, recruiting and leading the volunteer choir as well as the paid section leaders/soloists, directing the Children's Church singers, the brass ensemble at Easter time and overseeing the integration of the Bell Choir and Organist into the worship service.  Oftentimes, Kristen would supplement the music with compositions of her own, tailor made for her beloved choir and the liturgy.  

On stage, Kristen commands an audience, whether singing Baroque arias with orchestra, German lieder & French chansons in a recital or singing her own soul pop songs at the piano with her choir backing her up. You've heard Kristen's voice recorded on soundtracks to Frozen, Big Hero 6, Minions, Godzilla and other movies, as well as singing back up on both of The Brendan Hines' records and singing up front on her two albums, found on this very site.