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THURSDAYS at 4:00 - 5:30 EST online
August 4
August 11
August 18
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Singing is our birthright! We have been breathing since the day we were born and will continue to breathe until the day we die. We use our voices every day for all sorts of purposes: from the quotidian to the divine, from ordering food to whispering words of love. We are experts at both these things. We are all singers. 

Have you always loved singing but want to know more about what's going on inside? How to hit notes with more reliability? How to expand your range, how to connect to your breath? 

This workshop is for singers who want to dive deeper into the craft of singing and for those who are new to singing and for all who would like a weekly tune-up, no matter where you are in your journey. 

The online format is terrific for finding your own comfortable space to sing and explore your voice. 

Each class will have the following: 

Vocal warm-up 
Learn a song 
Q & A 
Song share opportunity (and option for open one-on-one coaching) 

Class One: 

  • The voice as instrument - what makes it similar to other instruments and beautifully unique 
  • How to "warm up" your voice - when to do it, how to do it and why 
  • Onset exercises: these simple exercises bring coordination and efficiency to the start of your sound which influences the quality of your tone and brings connection to your breath. 
  • Q & A focus: technique 

Class Two: 

  • Alignment and Breath exercises 
  • Resonance: We have a variety of resonators in our human instrument which vibrate in response to our vocal cords.Did you know that what we hear when we sing is mostly our bones resonating? We'll explore head and chest resonance and how to blend them. 
  • Apply the technique to songs we'll learn and sing together 
  • Harmony basics and exercises for harmonizing 
  • Q & A focus: resonance and harmony 

Class Three: 

  • Range building exercises. You'll learn exercises to take with you for daily practice to increase your range. 
  • How to harmonize a melody 
  • Learn 1-2 harmony songs 

Join me for all three classes or drop in as you're available.


Choir Workshop

Directing her KT Choir

Church choir ◂ Community choir ◂ Youth choir ◂ Glee club 

Schedule Kristen to come to your group's rehearsal. Depending on time and your needs / desires, she'll lead the group through: 

  • Breathing Exercises 
  • Relaxation and Focus Preparation 
  • Vocal warm-up 
  • Tuning exercises 
  • Sight-reading tools & practice 
  • Improvisation games 
  • Specific work on chosen repertoire 
  • Classical, Gospel, Pop, Broadway, Rock 

Kristen's enthusiasm is contagious and inspiring. You might not realize how demanding she is because you'll be having so much fun! 

Workshops combine well with a performance or worship service: 
Saturday afternoon ~ 2-hour workshop 
Saturday night ~ Performance (can include a set by Kristen with your choir singing back-up) 

Saturday afternoon ~ 2-hour workshop on technique and anthems/special music 
Sunday morning ~ Worship service with anthems/special music

Saturday afternoon ~ 2-hour workshop  
Saturday night ~ Performance (can include a set by Kristen with your choir singing back-up) 
Sunday morning ~ Worship service with anthems/special music

To arrange for a workshop, contact Kristen.

I had a wonderful time singing under her direction and would not miss an opportunity to sing with her again!”

— David N. Connors, Director of Academic Programs and Accreditation California State University, Los Angeles

Her presence is of the utmost positivity, and she is adept at finding a variety of creative ways to reach singers of all levels. Her love of music fills her choir room and it’s very difficult not to have a smile on your face as you feel it too.”

— Andrea Odinov Fuller, Loyola Marymount University & Lee Strasburg Institute

charming yet zealous rigor.”

— Nick, St. Michael's Choir

Songwriting Workshop

Kristen on Songwriting

In Class ◂ After School ◂ Retreats ◂ Private Parties

Bring Kristen to your class or group of all levels and at all stages of songwriting. Through demonstration, improvisation, discussion and constructive feedback, Kristen will help explore and further your songwriting.

Topics and activities can include:
  • Circle improvisational games
  • Listening to / analyzing popular songs
  • Creative writing games & exercises
  • Song form
  • Harmonizing a melody
  • Co-writing
  • What is a Bridge?
  • Refining your song