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Kristen draws on her decades of experience as a professional singer, songwriter, arranger and choir director to guide students to find their natural voice and develop skills in singing, harmonizing and general music. Her intention is to plant seeds of awareness and curiosity about singing. To tune our bodies, minds and ears for breath and spirit to be present and flowing. Kristen encourages the discovery of authentic expression in each student with an infectious enthusiasm. 

Kristen's musical expertise guides her singers lovingly, patiently, yet effectively. Her presence is of the utmost positivity, and she is adept at finding a variety of creative ways to reach singers of all levels. Her love of music fills her choir room and it’s very difficult not to have a smile on your face as you feel it too.” - Andrea Odinov Fuller

— Professional voice, speech, and dialect instructor Loyola Marymount University, The Lee Strasberg Institute, Fitzmaurice Institute

Canto Canto! Singing for the Community

Canto Canto! is a 4-week community singing experience for all levels, no experience required.

Mondays, 6 - 8pm

St. Luke's on the Avenue in Hampden

February 26 | March 4 | March 11 | March 18

Director Kristen Toedtman draws on her decades of experience as a choir director & professional singer and on her limitless enthusiasm for group singing to create a fun and welcoming environment for all, beginners to professionals. Every session begins with vocal warm-ups and music is taught by ear. Repertoire consists of folk songs, new arrangements of medicine music for choir and original compositions.

Attendance at all 4 sessions is encouraged but not required. Registered singers will have access to practice audio files to assist in learning and to help to catch up for missed sessions.

Singing as community and singing for the community. We culminate our session with an outreach concert at a local community partner of underserved populations.

$20 / session

$80 / all 4

Payment by cash or Venmo due before sessions. Refunds allowed up until 24 hours before FIRST session and monies can be rolled forward to next session.

Please reach out for scholarship. 3 work-study positions are available for partial payment in exchange for registration and set up/break down tasks.

Private Voice Lessons

Limited space, in-person & online.

60min for $80
90min for $120

singing | harmony singing | music theory | singing with instruments

Do you:

~ Sing and want to develop your harmony skills?
~ Play an instrument and want to develop your singing?
~ Sing and want to play an instrument?
~ Play music and want to ascend to higher levels of musical understanding?
~ Play music and want to deepen your connection with your expression and the present moment?
~ Sing but not consider yourself a musician?
~ Feel ready for guidance with your voice and/or instrument?
~ Love to sing but haven’t trained and want to know more about your voice?
~ Want to find more day-to-day consistency in your vocal range and tone?

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JANUARY 11 & 18, 2024Join me and embark on a journey that is your birth right. As women, we stand in a lineage of Priestesses. We have rhythm in our blood and our bodies. The blood that pulsed in our Mother’s veins gave us rhythm before we left the womb. And yet we have forgotten, faltered in our faith. Before the role of Spiritual Guide was forced from our hands centuries ago, Priestesses trained for years in the art of drumming and chanting to support the religious practices of the time, marking phases of the moon, of the seasons and of our lives. Many of us are again picking up the drum, feeling a familiarity we cannot deny. Nevertheless, to support a spiritual practice and to support others … we must learn how to practice. These two classes serve as a beginning (all levels welcome), a springboard and template for you to begin or continue your own work. And also, we will drum for the New Moon (January 11) as the ancients did, that she find her way back from the Underworld and honor the sacredness of our circle and gathering, in all the stages we are, uplifting each other and brightening our lights to shine out into the world. We will tap into the primordial pulse of the Mother with movement … and with metronome!

- a frame drum, buffalo drum and/or tambourine - everything you’ve got! There will be a few available for use
- notebook & pen
- water

- learn how to hold the frame drum for: buffalo drum with mallet / tambourine / frame drum hand-held / frame drum seated position
- learn the 4 strokes on each hand drum
- beginner and intermediate exercises with options for keeping it simple or expanding depending on level
- call & response singing
- arm & wrist-stretching breaks
- setting intentions for the new year new moon and your drumming practice
- layered patterns with different levels of experience needed so all can join in a meditative rhythmic deep dive